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Meena Alexander


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Meena Alexander (born 1951) is a well-acclaimed poet, scholar, and writer. Born in Allahabad, India, and raised in India and Sudan, Alexander lives and works in New York City, where she is a distinguished professor of English at Hunter College in t...

Books by Meena Alexander
Manhattan Music by: Meena Alexander (ISBN : 1562790927)
Large sweeping novel set in India and New York, from a leading Indian-American..More Details
Illiterate Heart is an intensely autobiographical book of poems exploring both the foreign and the..More Details
Passionate, fierce, and lyrical, Meena Alexander’s memoir traces her evolution as a postcolonial..More Details
Alexander\'s cross-cultural perspective and sense of global identity (gained from her childhood in..More Details
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Notable Works:

Fault Lines,
Illiterate Heart,
Raw Silk,
Quickly Changing

Awards Won:

PEN Open Book Award,
Distinguished Achievement Award in Literature